MAXRaft® is the only fully insulated                  concrete slab on the market today. 

Do you want a healthy home that is less expensive to run?

Founded in Queenstown, MAXRaft® slabs can be installed anywhere in New Zealand. In most regions of the country we also provide a fully installed service.

With a typical MAXRaft® slab having an R value 3x the building code, your foundation will substantially exceed the building code requirements and will ensure your home performs well from the foundation up.


MAXRaft® is engineered on a site specific basis by independent senior engineers to ensure your home is structurally sound, whilst providing you with a warmer, healthier, more cost efficient home.

Our standard package includes MAXRaft® foundation designs and a PS1, making a MAXRaft® foundation easy to specify. In addition to this design service, we have obtained CodeMark accreditation to ensure the consent process is as smooth as possible.

MAXRaft® foundations are quick and easy to install, typically taking a day each for:

  • Bracing and tying steel; 
  • Laying polythene, MAXRaft® and steel;
  • Pouring and placing concrete

The simple design of MAXRaft® combined with easy to read documentation allows a home to move quickly from the foundation stage to putting up the frames.

MAXRaft Tips

“Having made the decision to install underfloor heating in my new home I knew from previous experience that I wanted a fully insulated foundation to prevent heat loss.  After a bit of searching around I came across MAXRaft and knew straight away it was exactly what I was looking for.  Combining MAXRaft with a heated slab has given me a warm home in every room all year round and the best thing is my power bills are a lot lower than many people I know.  During winter the cost of my hydronic heating has averaged 60.8c per m2 per month!  When I build my next home I will definitely be using a fully insulated slab again”

- Terry Robb

"In our experience MAXRaft is one of the most efficient ways or prepping a concrete slab. There is limited bracing and boxing required as the MAXRaft is prefabricated in the factory and delivered onto site ready to be installed. Its rating is R4.5 which make any building using it extremely well insulated. Highly recommended."

- Evolution, a division of Rilean Construction