MAXRaft - Standard NZS 3604 or TC1 Good Ground

Our standard MAXRaft® 250mm is suitable for good ground (>100kPa) found in many areas of New Zealand. 

It is based around the following 3 components, each of which is constructed with EPS:

1.     Perimeter Footings: Designed to both create a thermal break and bear the weight of your perimeter walls, these footings reduce heat loss from your floor at the point where up to 80% of such loss occurs;

2.     Load Bearing Thickenings: Our load bearing thickenings can support load bearing walls within your home while maintaining a complete thermal envelope around your foundation;

3.     MAXRaft® Infill: Our infill is a cost effective method of ensuring that your home is properly insulated and a thermal break is maintained throughout. One trailer of MAXRaft® to a standard size house (approx 180m2) is equivalent to 24m3 of concrete. 

Each of these components combine to give you a foundation with an R value of ~R4.5 depending on the nature of the site. Click here to try our H1 calculator to see what R-value your home could obtain (opens in MS Excel).

Delivered to site in pre-cut segments along with a site-specific panel plan, our MAXRaft® insulation system can be put down in approximately 3 hours by a team of two people. It is then ready to receive the reinforcing later the same day and concrete when ready.

Taken in beautiful Queenstown, this timelapse shows the installation of a standard MAXRaft floor with a thermal break between the interior of the home and the garage.

Product Features:

  • Increased thermal efficiency
  • Less time required on site
  • Site-specific engineering
  • Reliable, proven construction details
  • Achieves an R Value of approximately R4.5 according to floor type. 


Engineering (PS1) for consent can be arranged through MAXRaft®, we work with a group of engineers who are experienced in designing MAXRaft® foundations and can pre-empt council queries.


As each MAXRaft® insulated foundation is engineered on a site-specific basis, we are unable to provide detailed designs for a particular build, however we have prepared the documents below to give you an idea of what you can expect from MAXRaft® based on some of the typical designs and materials we see.

If you are interested in our system please contact our team on 0800 MAXRAFT (629 723) or

MAXRaft - 90 x 45 timber frame - PDF

MAXRaft - 90 x 45 timber frame - .dwg

MAXRaft - 70mm Brick Veneer - PDF

MAXRaft - 70mm Brick Veneer - .dwg

MAXRaft - Timber Frame with Stone Veneer Cladding - PDF

MAXRaft - Timber Frame with Stone Veneer Cladding - .dwg

MAXRaft - Internal Thickening - PDF

MAXRaft - Internal Thickening - .dwg

MAXRaft - Retaining Wall Foundation - PDF

MAXRaft - Retaining Wall Foundation - .dwg