MAXSpan delivers the benefits of MAXRaft® to the upper levels of your home.

Suitable for use on multi-storey buildings, above basements or on incline sites, MAXSpan will allow you to use a concrete floor above the foundation. The benefits of an above the foundation concrete floor include

  • Increased structural integrity;
  • Improved underfloor heating efficiency;
  • Reduced noise transfer between rooms.

MAXSpan can be used in conjunction with MAXRaft®, MAXWaffleRaft and retaining walls.



Product Features:

  • Suitable for multi-level buildings and incline sites;
  • Can be used to bridge enclosed spaces;
  • Increased thermal efficiency;
  • Less time required on site;
  • Site-specific engineering;
  • Reliable, proven construction details;
  • Achieves an R Value of ~R4.5 according to floor type. 


Engineering (PS1) for consent can be arranged through MAXRaft®, we work with a group of engineers who are experienced in designing MAXRaft® foundations and can pre-empt council queries.

We can also prepare and deliver PS4 sign off for each project.


As each site is engineered on a site specific basis so the attached design will not work for all builds. If you are interested in our system please contact our team on 0800 MAXRAFT (629 723) or


MAXSpan (.dwg)