The below image highlights how underfloor heating can be expensive when a slab is not insulated correctly at the perimeter, such as with a MAXRaft system. In this photo the house's underfloor heating system is heating the grass around the outside of the slab, which is expensive heat loss.  With a MAXRaft slab this would not occur saving up to 40% in running costs.

Having made the decision to install underfloor heating in my new home I knew from previous experience that I wanted a fully insulated foundation to prevent heat loss.  After a bit of searching around I came across MAXRaft and knew straight away it was exactly what I was looking for.  Combining MAXRaft with a heated slab has given me a warm home in every room all year round and the best thing is my power bills are a lot lower than many people I know.  During winter the cost of my hydronic heating has averaged 60.8c per m2 per month!  When I build my next home I will definitely be using a fully insulated slab again
— Terry Robb, Christchurch