Building Homes For Future Generations

Posted April 17, 2020

The importance of building quality homes 

At MAXRaft® we believe in doing something once and doing it right. The same should apply to you when planning your forever home. Forking out a little extra cash for excellent quality materials will ensure your forever home not only holds up for your lifetime, but hopefully your children and their children’s lifetimes too. Taking the time to properly plan and truly weight up the cost benefits of choosing one product over another is a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of a building project. Paying for quality materials and approaches now will save you and your family money down the line. Not having future generations cursing your name can only be a good thing. 

The average homeowner spends countless thousands of hours on home maintenance over their lifetime. This is often due to the initial quality of their home as well as performing short-term fixes. Many people often say things like: “I’ll replace [thing] properly when we have more money,” or “it’ll do the job,” or “she’ll be right mate.” Unfortunately, many houses typically aren’t passed down through the generations anymore as they’re not in good enough shape to keep. This means descendants are more likely to sell the land for a profit than move in and pass the home down the family tree. This can be an incredible waste not to mention the lifetime of memories built into a home. 

It really is smarter to think long term and ultimately save money by purchasing quality materials and services upfront than to cut corners with the promise of doing it ‘properly’ later. Doing something right from the get-go saves you countless time, energy and money later. While we believe quality should never be skimped on, it’s understandable that some things just don’t make the cut when push comes to shove. Often this comes down to your priorities -- what’s important to you.  

Some things, however, such as your concrete foundation, cannot be replaced down the line. Your concrete foundation is something that must be done right the first time because there are no second chances. If your concrete foundation isn’t durable, neither will whatever is put atop it. So if you are going to skimp on anything or make any hard calls, make sure your concrete foundation doesn’t suffer for it. 

MAXRaft® offers concrete slab foundations that both stand out, and stand the test of time. Our MAXRaft® concrete slab foundations are so durable that they can be used on TC1 and TC2 soils. They can also be used on retaining walls and multi-story buildings. And MAXRaft® is so durable that our products withstood the 2011 Christchurch 6.2 earthquake (plus its many aftershocks) without sustaining any damage. The buildings built on the MAXRaft® concrete slab foundations were destroyed but the foundations are still where they’ve always been. 

MAXRaft® concrete slab foundations are the only concrete foundations on the market to be fully insulated. Another benefit of MAXRaft® concrete foundations is that they are compatible with underfloor heating. This paired with the built-in insulation can eliminate the need for carpet which, unlike a polished concrete floor, can pill, stain, and fade over time.

Benefits of MAXRaft®’s concrete slab foundations include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Engineered specifically for your section
  • Sustainable
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Thermal break insulation
  • Cost savings
  • HOMESTAR™ rating
  • Home comfort
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Seismic strength
  • Underfloor heating friendly
  • Exposed concrete floors
  • Kiwi company.

Quality over quantity. Do it once, do it right. 

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