Tip No. 1: Ground Prep


As any estate agent knows, when it comes to selling a house the three most important factors are location, location, location.

A similar situation arises for foundations, the three most important factors being ground prep, ground prep and ground prep. A structure is only as solid as its foundation after all, and the foundation relies on the ground prep being correct. Therefore, it is worth spending a little extra time on the ground prep to ensure this is the case.

Our engineers can design your foundation to match the strength of the ground beneath your home, however regardless of the design the same elements must be found in the site preparation:

  • Ground bearing capacity must be confirmed after all excavation has taken place;
  • Any hardfill used must be placed and compacted as directed by the engineer;
  • Plumbing trenches should be backfilled with sand, then compacted down;
  • The sand blinding layer should be compacted and levelled to +/-3mm around the area 500mm inside the perimeter and checked with a laser level (this can be eased to +/-10mm once away from this area).

By ensuring that the site is flat and compacted, your are provide a strong, stable base for your foundation.

A good site prep will also provide the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence that the steel coverage requirements set by the engineer will be met;
  • An easier concrete pour as the perimeter profiles will be at the same level. The perimeter profiles reflect the undulations of the ground upon which they lay, therefore an uneven site prep can leave height differences between the separate footings. This can cause issues when placing the concrete as some areas will be higher/lower than others, possibly leading to concrete overspill which will then need to be cleaned;
  • Easier setting of rebates as the perimeter profiles can be used as base markers leaving only slight adjustments with a laser level;
  • An aesthetically please foundation exterior as all profiles will be flush and therefore easier to coat.