Tip No. 2: Bracing

Bracing provides the support for the MAXRaft formwork whilst concrete is being poured, therefore it is important to get it right.  

Bracing provides the backbone of the MAXRaft insulation for the concrete pour, without it there would be no foundation. Below, we have laid out some simple tips to ensure sturdy bracing is provided for your foundation.



Internal corners are relative weak spots on any structure when a force is applied. In order to provide additional support for the bracing at this point for the concrete pour, simply nail a peg across the internal corner as per the image to the right.  






It is a good idea to place an additional vertical peg every 3/4 angled pegs, particularly in areas where the timber bracing is experiencing a slight bow or if there are patches of slightly softer blinding layers outside the perimeter. These should be placed directly alongside the angled peg and nailed to both the peg and the timber bracing to give the greatest level of support.