"We built our Queenstown home over three years ago to be an energy-efficient home. The literal foundation to achieve that standard was the MAXRaft fully-insulated slab. Our home qualified for a 6 Homestar rating and completely delivers on a more comfortable, evenly warm and healthier environment with fewer running costs. The part I love most about it is the warm floor! Sunday mornings, the family makes breakfast together, walking around still in pyjamas and barefoot - even in the winter.

As a Homestar Assessor, recommening a MAXRaft slab is an easy choice as I know first-hand how priceles the comfort it delivers is."

AN, Home owner and Homestar Assessor, Queenstown 2019

"We tried to design a warmer than average house without a huge expense to obtain thermal gain. Given we have a large area of up to 4m high windows. We used conventional 'sticks and fluff'-timber framing and glass wool, this gave us R4.5 walls and R6.2 in the ceiling. Combined with a full MAXSlab R4.5 we also added a fully wrapped sigma system. This reduced air flow leaks to less than half! Which in turn has halved the heating cost of the home. We have managed to carry over the warmth from the day before and contain it all nght. All in all we are very pleased with the results and a MAXRaft was a must to the combination. If you require any referrals, send them our way!"

AR, Home owner, Luggate 2019

"We used a MAXRAft slab because it is New Zealand’s only fully insulated concrete slab and to us it seemed silly to be thinking about insulating everything else in the house and not the floor beneath us. MAXRaft comes with a long list of benefits, both for our families health and for our financial health in the long term, and much much more. A MAXRaft slab is like having Merino socks and heavy duty boots on your feet! Having the heat enter the room from the floor, makes it not feel like heating, but just leaves the room feeling a constant, perfect temperature, plus the slow release makes it more manageable and enjoyable. 

4 months after moving in, we were already noticing the difference. We have underfloor heating in our slab, which is why the insulation is SO key, and it worked out very affordable to run. We would wake up every morning to a beautiful warm home, the heat STAYS in the home and the floor beneath us is always cosy and warm.

And hey- we don't sell MAXRaft, we have no links whatsoever to the company and yet I would still happily campaign their product to any potential building clients because I have experienced first hand the difference it has made for US and OUR family."

MF, Builder, Queenstown 2019

"I installed a MAXRaft slab with underfloor heating in the ZigZagZoo Childcare Centre in Queenstown in 2014.  This has performed very well, keeping the kids warm at 21 degrees throughout the past 5 winters at a very reduced cost compared to other heating options.

This year I am also in the middle of construction on my own place.  This includes MAXRaft with u/f heating and MAXSpan across a few levels, watch this space..."

JD, Home owner & developer, Queenstown 2019

"We decided to go with a MAXRaft for our new home after having previously built with a standard block foundation. We are blown away with the difference it has made. We run a heat pump all winter, underfloor heating in the bathrooms along with heated towel rails and our power bills have almost halved! At nights you can feel the warm foundation that is beside the windows and doors where the sun has soaked in over the day. The team wedre very helpful with all the questions we had with it being a new system to us and our architect."

SD, Home owner, Cromwell 2019

"My builder convinced me to try a MAXRaft slab when working out plans for our new home."

"Since moving in to the new build on Sept 1st 2018, my partner and I were interested to see how the underfloor heating system would perform. We are now at the end of July 2019 and we could not be happier. What a delight coming home from work to a warm home. The system allows us to just heat the rooms we use regularly, which saves on power. We have our living area set at 18 degrees, but due to the sun and glazing the room temperatures sits higher during the day and maintains an even temperature at night."

"The team at MAXRaft are great to work with and we highly recommend anybody contemplating a new build to get in contact with them."

"Living the dream."

BH, Home owner, Christchurch 2019

Our architect specified a MAXSlab on our place in Queenstown in conjunction with a polished concrete floor (full grind) and underfloor heating.  We moved in late 2017. We have 3 children are able to cruise around at home with no shoes or socks on all year and we rarely have to touch our underfloor heating system as it is all automatic.  This is the first time we have lived in a house where all rooms are the same temperature and our power bills hardly fluctuate.

CJ, Home owner, Queenstown 2019

As a builder I'm always looking for products that will improve the performance of the home. I came across MAXRaft a few years ago and thought it would be great to try it on one of my upcoming projects. It is now standard in all my builds and based on the feedback from my clients, it is not hard to convince new clients that they should use it. I've used it on both TC1 and TC2 sites, MAXRaft takes care of the PS1 design package and their pre-cut design means it's simple to install. 

CL, Builder, Christchurch 2018

"We wanted to build a house that was over 400m2 and also energy efficient. Our house performs very well all year round with a very low energy cost due to the design and all the components combined, including a MAXRaft slab."

AT, Home Owner, Prebbleton 2017

 "I have specified MAXRaft on various projects since first coming across it over five years ago. In New Zealand we have generally ignored insulating the foundation, contributing to the number of cold and damp homes that we see today.  MAXRaft's high R-values and increased thermal performance result in warmer and more cost effective homes.

Because of the increased thermal efficiency and lower running costs we plan to use MAXRaft in our new residential and social housing projects, giving everyone the opportunity to live in a warm and healthy environment".

MC, Architect, Christchurch 2015

"As a building company we care about the efficiency of your home and that's why MAXRaft is our standard foundations. We choose MAXRaft in our designs because of the benefit it brings to the building performance and occupants. From the day you move in you're saving money on your heating bills and you're leaving in a warm, healthy enivonrment. A recent example of the cost savings was in our new show home in Wellington where the heating bill was only $88 for the month of August!"

TS, Building company owner, Wellington 2015

"Having made the decision to install underfloor heating in my new home I knew from previous experience that I wanted a fully insulated foundation to prevent heat loss. After a bit of searching around I canme across MAXRaft and knew straight away it was exactly what I was looking for. Combining MAXRaft with a heated slab has given me a warm home in every room all year round and the best thing is my power bills are a lot lower than many people I know, despite being over 300m2! During winter the cost of my hydronic heating has averaged 60.8c per m2 per month! When I build my next home I will definitely be using a MAXRaft slab again."

TR, Home owner, Christchurch 2014

"In our experience MAXRaft is one of the most efficient ways of prepping a concrete slab than any other system. The polystyrene components are prefabricated in the factory and delivered onsite ready to be installed. It gave an R-value of 4.5 which makes any building extremely well insulated from the start. Highly recommended." Evolution, Building company, Queenstown 2014

"MAXRaft is simply the quickest and most efficient building method for a concrete floor on the market today, let alone its excellent thermal efficiency which is its main advantage. I believe this is the way of the future."

David Reid Homes, Building company, Central Otago 2014