MAXEdge Finishing

Protecting the MAXRaft® Insulation

MAXEdge comes either pre-coated or uncoated depending on your preferences.

Pre-coated MAXEdge Insulation

The pre-coated MAXEdge simply requires painting at any stage during the build process. It is already waterproof and UV resistant, however painting is recommended for an enhanced finish.


Plastering uncoated Insulation after the pour


The MAXEdge perimeter insulation requires physical protection and protection from UV rays and waterproofing. All exterior coating products are required to meet the NZBC E2/AS1 and NZBCB2.3.1 requirements. Failure to use an appropriate product will invalidate the MAXRaft® durability clause and may result in the structural integrity of your foundation being compromised. Prior to the application of all coating systems, the MAXRaft® exterior and polythene underlayer should be clean and dry.


MAXEdge perimeter products are not waterproof, therefore they require additional water protection for the subgrade elements. The subgrade element (typically the bottom 25mm based on standard 225mm clearance from finished floor level) should be protected through the use of a coating product with an appropriate tanking membrane that meets NZBC E2/AS1 and NZBCB2.3.1 requirements. All coating products must be applied in line with the relevant manufacturers specifications.


It must be protected from physical and UV damage through the use of an appropriate coating product that meets NZBC E2/AS1 and NZBCB2.3.1 requirements. MAXRaft® XPS perimeter products are made from closed cell polystyrene and so are waterproof and are not required to have a further waterproof coating. All coating products must be applied in line with the relevant manufacturers specifications. The coating systems mentioned above for EPS are also suitable for application to our XPS products.


Current options include:

  • Beccrete fibre-reinforced & waterproof plaster coating system
  • MAXEdge KAPO Board (calcium silicate board) - visit website
  • Sto Plaster Systems visit website
  • Specialized Plaster Systems - visit website
  • Dulux Plaster Systems - visit website
  • Plaster & Flashing System

Certain types of coated plaster may be used for the subgrade elements, however you should confirm with the manufacturer that the plaster and coating meet the relevant standards above and are suitable for below ground use.

MAXRaft has plastering contacts nationwide or you can engage your chosen plasterer.  Please contact us with any queries.

The above list is not exhaustive and other products that meet the appropriate NZBC requirements for application on to an XPS/EPS exterior may be used.

Contact Details and Manufacturer Specifications

MAXRaft® Kapo Board

Phone: 0800 629 7238
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MAXRaft® has an exclusive relationship with Envirosquare and their KAPO Board on edge insulated foundations. The KAPO Board is appraised for use as a coating option on MAXRaft® for both EPS and XPS. Please note that in some instances (such as brick veneer) the use of the KAPO Board is not a recommended system.