MAXEdge Perimeter Insulation

MAXEdge Perimeter Insulation

MAXEdge is an innovative and patented L-shaped slab edge insulation that is a vital component of all our products. MAXEdge is greater than R1 edge insulation and can be used in conjunction with the H1 AS1 tables for all wall types.

Our MAXEdge profiles are designed to be easily installed inside the formwork and can be adjusted to suit different projects.

By using MAXEdge, you can ensure that your building is equipped with superior insulation that not only provides optimal thermal performance, but also easily surpass the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

MAXEdge Finishing Options

The MAXEdge perimeter insulation will either come to site uncoated or pre-coated depending on the specification.

Option 1 Post Pour Plastering - The MAXEdge perimeter insulation is plastered following the concrete pour. This option gives a premium finish to your slab edge. See more by visiting MAXEdge Finishing.

Option 2 Pre coated MAXEdge - The insulation arrives to site pre-coated and simply requires painting during the build process. Visit our Product Downloads page to see more on the pre-coated option.

Option 3 Pre-coated Kapo Board - KAPO Board is glued to the MAXEdge insulation (either EPS or XPS) following the pour and can be purchased directly through MAXRaft. 



MAXEdge Perimeter Insulation