Underfloor Heating System | Concrete Insulated Floor | MAXRaft


Underfloor heating is not expensive to run when everything is designed correctly.

Either MAXRaft Plus or MAXSlab can be specified with underfloor heating and they are a perfect combination. Our perimeter MAXEdge insulation will prevent heat loss at the edge of the slab where 80% of slab heat loss occurs and throughout the underneath of the floor.

Preventing the heat loss means the underfloor system isn't working as hard and can result in smaller units being specified and cost savings in both capital spend and running costs.

Underfloor heating is typically installed either directly onto the polystyrene (stapled) or tied to the top of the mesh. Where pipes are on top of the mesh a 120mm slab is typically required instead of the standard 100mm. It is best to talk directly to your Underfloor Heating supplier on which option they prefer to do.

Use our R-value Calculator to work out which product is suitable for your site.



This image highlights how underfloor heating can be expensive when a slab is not insulated correctly at the perimeter, such as with a MAXRaft system.
Here the house's underfloor heating system is heating the grass around the outside of the slab, which is expensive heat loss.
With a MAXRaft slab this would not occur saving up to 40% in running costs.