MAXRaft & The Environment

Sustainability & Recycling

MAXRaft® Fully Insulated Foundations are designed to be energy efficient, cost effective, and sustainably sourced. Our team continues to research new ways and technology to help provide the best foundation solutions allowing you to live in a home with greater levels of comfort and increased health benefits for you and your family. We believe in building homes above the building standard with industry leading insulation.

Forward Thinking On Waste

All our designs includes a site specific panel plan prepared in house, it sent to our manufacturers to pre-cut all the polystyrene materials in the factory. Cutting the materials in the factory means cleans waste which is easy to contain and recycle. Once onsite the polystyrene materials are installed like a labelled jigsaw puzzle, reducing the need for onsite cutting.

Example MAXSlab Panel Plan



All MAXRaft EPS polystyrene components contain approx. 15% recylced material. Once the polystyrene components have been installed onsite, any off-cuts are picked up by the manufacturer to be recycled into new material. 

You can learn more about EPS and the environment here.

Example MAXRaft Panel Plan




Foundation insulation is the way of the future