MAX85 - The Minimum insulation any home should have


MAX85 - The Minimum Insulation A Slab Should Have

MAX85 is designed to meet the requirements of the building code update November 2022.  Unlike our other products MAX85 is not fully insulated and is designed simply to meet the minimum requirements of the building code.

Our patented insulated edge provides a complete thermal break around the perimeter of the slab with waffle PODS throughout the rest of the floor.  

MAX85 standard heights are 305, 320, 385 or 400mm. Like all our other slabs the polystyrene materials in MAX85 are delivered to site pre-cut to ensure maximum efficiency when installing and maximum sustainability in the factory.

MAX85 is not designed to work in conjunction with embedded Underfloor Heating.  Where UF Heating is specified check out MAXSlab or MAXRaft Plus+

MAX85 R-value ranges from 1.5 to 2.48 depending on the internal A/P ratio of your building.  





Product Features


• Suitable for good ground or soft/TC2/expansive soils
• Increased thermal efficiency than a standard waffle slab
• Standard heights 305 & 385mm with an 85mm slab, can be adjusted as required.
• Site-specific engineering
• Reliable, proven construction details

Engineering (PS1) for consent can be arranged through MAXRaft® or completed by any Chartered Structural Engineer.  We work with a group of engineers who are experienced in designing MAXRaft® foundations and can pre-empt council queries.