Spectacular Kapiti Concrete Slab

Posted October 4, 2023

Location: Kapiti Coast

Builder: Martin Goulden Builders Limited

Client: Retired Couple


The Brief

The client was initially based in Hawkes Bay but wished to build a retirement home near Wellington in order to be close to their grandchildren. This lovely couple wanted a home large enough to host their family as well as their extracurricular activities. This meant creating a unique space to accommodate an indoor pool, home gym, art studio, wood workshop, and lush garden. 

The couple’s search for a suitable property/land started 2-years ago. After a long search, they eventually came across the one – three sections with a builder’s yard. Initially, a large house sat across two of the three sections which they had removed in order to make way for their dream home. Once the couple were ready to build they brought in Martin Goulden Builders, a project manager (Henry), and a designer (Gary Philips) to help execute their vision. 

The Challenges

Building a large, versatile home required a lot of decision-making regarding design. The clients had a good idea of what they wanted so it was important this was achieved as close to their vision as possible. Given the property sits on Kapiti Coast, sand was an issue. MAXRaft® was chosen for the foundation because of its competitive price, insulation, and ability to support a large property on difficult ground. MAXRaft® engineers were brought in and assessed that a blockwork foundation should sit atop 300+ timber piles. 

The Results

Unfortunately the build was put on pause due to the global pandemic, however their MAXRaft® foundation was finished just in the nick of time – one week before the country-wide lockdown. Alongside MAXRaft® Slab 320, the clients also opted for an underfloor hydronic heating system which works beautifully with MAXRaft®. With New Zealand now at Alert Level 1, things are picking up where they left off. With the expertise of the teams involved, this lovely couple will soon be in their stunning 820sq/m dream home on Kapiti Coast.


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